Reaching Your People Where They're At

Building strong team connections through a social platform.

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Unisyn is a social platform that connects and supports non-office based teams, by enhancing:

Team Communication

Collaboration Efforts

Training Experience

Humanizing Connections

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Everything in your pocket

Improve communication

With Chats, Groups, Banners and Broadcast Messages

Retain and Engage Teams

Boost informal communication with the Social Platform

Enhance Productivity

Share documents and information with the Media Library

Competitive Advantage

Enhance customer satisfaction levels

Strenghten Operational Efficiency

Forms & Approval
Task Management

Empower Communication

Chats & Annoncements
Voice & Video Calls

Modernize People Management

Forms & Employee Database
Employee Recognition

A Social Tool that Connects
Deskless Teams

Bridge the gap between frontline workers and HQ. With streamlined communication and efficient information sharing, Unisyn reduces turnover by allowing quick and easy communication.

By providing proper training and tools, Unisyn enables associates to work more productively, ultimately leading to improved business results.

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Social Platform for Team Communication and Bonding

Unisyn enables teams to stay connected and build a strong sense of community, no matter where they are. With features like chats, social feed, and broadcast banners, associates can easily communicate with one another.

Retain top talent and foster a positive work environment leading to a happy and engaged workforce.

Addressing the Needs of
Non-Office-Based Teams

Connect, communicate, and access essential information with Unisyn, improving productivity and reducing turnover rates. Associates have access to all necessary resources they need to effectively perform their jobs.

Unisyn provides a space for feedback and open communication, ensuring that every associate has a voice and feels connected to the company’s culture. Overcome the challenges of miscommunication and disconnection, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

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Manage Your Deskless Teams with Ease

With our powerful Admin Panel managing your frontline teams has never been easier.

Unleash the full potential of your team


Keep your team engaged, informed and productive. Streamline information sharing, and access to important tools.


Elevate your team's productivity and boost camaraderie.
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Submit forms and create tasks for efficient team tracking, connecting HQ to frontliners, wherever they are.


Increase productivity while reducing errors.
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Unlock all features and get a dedicated coach to set up your workspace with our enterprise plan.


Leverage our solutions at their maximum potential.
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Higher Talent Retention


Higher Productivity


Higher Profitability


Customer Satisfaction


Access Thought Leaders’ Knowledge

Bring Your Team Together

No matter where they are