Our focus is simple:

Enable our customers to successfully:

1) Improve frontline leadership consistency.

2) Engage and empower every employee, everywhere, and every day.

Our focus might be simple, but accomplishing that is not easy, as anyone who leads distributed teams knows.

​Fortunately, our Fortune 500 C-Suite leadership experience and hundreds of successful frontline engagement initiatives that we’ve delivered make us a unique partner for you to deliver this outcome.

It’s all we do, and we are proud to do it very well.

​Headquartered out of Tampa, FL., with offices in London and Denver, our team is strategically placed to serve you around the globe…wherever your distributed teams may be.

Meet The Executive Team

Andrew Main – CEO

Having spent over 30 years in the Service Industry, culminating in an 8-year run as CEO of Aramark’s UK business unit with 12,500+ employees, it’s safe to say that Andrew understands the Service Industry challenges at the deepest level.

Andrew is laser focused and passionate about creating frontline leaders and deeply understands the need to connect frontline workers to company mission and vision, and leads the strategic direction of Unisyn to impact as many frontline associates as possible to transform businesses, their cultures, and employee lives.

Joel Onyshuk – CSO

Joel has been deeply involved in over one hundred successful digital transformation and frontline culture change initiatives, working as a technology and change management advisor to Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

Joel is relentlessly driven to help frontline organizations unlock the latent potential of fully engaged and empowered frontline workers, bringing his expertise now to the Service Industry to restore the dignity and pride in frontline work, helping managers transition into leaders.

Marc Pelletier – VP of Ops

After beginning his career in aerospace, Marc became a foundational member of the team that developed the undisputed, best-of-class digital worker platform for manufacturing.

Over a decade, Marc gained immense experience in driving successful transformative processes and daily leadership best practices, then joining Andrew and Joel to bring his world-class operations insights and best practices to Unisyn.

Marc’s experience, plus his desire for creating strong leaders and deep empathy for frontline associates has put him in the strong position to lead the transformation initiatives with Unisyn clients.

Engaging Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day.