Our Mission

We know the importance of a exceptional human experience and connection in our workplaces. Unisyn is committed to enhancing your day-to-day experience through a powerful, engaging social platform designed for seamless collaboration and productivity.

Our mission is to provide innovative workplace productivity solutions that empower teams to communicate, collaborate, and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Our Team

Unisyn boasts a fully remote, international team with female leadership, fostering teamwork and connection despite geographic boundaries. Our team spans across continents and believes in practicing what we preach, exemplifying the importance of staying connected while working apart. Join Unisyn today and experience the benefits of a diverse and collaborative team powering workplace productivity solutions globally.

Our Core Values


Engage and empower the many, unlocking discretionary effort and an ownership mentality at the frontlines.


Enable consistency in frontline leadership, replicating the best practices of your best team, everywhere, every day.


Accelerate performance, demonstrate innovation, lead with differentiation, lower employee turnover.


Improve EBITDA and associated multiples, increase stock price, and improve returns for all shareholders.