About Unisyn

At Unisyn, we’re on a mission to dramatically improve the lives of frontline employees. Improving their lives at work requires a strong culture that is built first and foremost on relationships.

Particularly in the Service Industry where the most employees are highly relational and interested in personal connection, the criticality of creating community within our organizations cannot be overstated.

So how do we build community? 

It’s simple, yet complex. Simply, what a healthy work culture that fosters community needs are the following ‘Five C’s’:

The Five C’s of a Healthy Work Culture

  • Communication: Like any relationship, it starts with communication. Let’s face it, most companies focus on top-down, one-way communication as a whole. This must change.
  • Cadence: Communication must be consistent, embedded into the rhythms and flow of daily life at work. Imagine taking your spouse out for dinner only on your anniversary to ask their opinions, learn about their passions, or ask for feedback? And yet that is how we treat our employees too often, with annual surveys or performance reviews.
  • Content: Communicating in a consistent cadence is key, but just as important is what we say and how we say it when we communicate. And most frontline managers have not been provided leadership training on how to engage effectively with their teams.
  • Celebration: A critical end to all our communication, done in a specific cadence, with the right content, must be to lead to a culture of celebration, recognition and reward. You may have recognition and reward programs in place, but do your people feel celebrated
  • Community: Ultimately, when we communicate consistently in a strong, daily cadence, focusing on delivering the right content that leads to celebration, the outcome is strong community. We see this in our neighborhoods, our churches, team sports, our families…we know it when we see it, and when we experience it, it’s life-changing. We never want to leave. It becomes our home. We are proud of it, and we work hard to make it better, being personally invested in seeing it succeed and make a greater impact.

Doesn’t this sound like the sort of companies we want? Maybe this is the key to reversing the ‘Great Resignation’ after all.


Simple, right?


We all know it’s not.


But it’s all we are focused on and obsessed with at Unisyn. What we are talking about isn’t technology for the sake of having technology…we are talking about an entire management structure and methodology and approach that will transform your business from the frontlines and up rather than the top-down initiatives that consistently fail. 


We believe in the power of unleashing your people to drive extraordinary outcomes.


Do you? 

The outcomes of the Five C’s are clear

  • Become the Employer of Choice in your industry and within your region
  • Delight guests with consistent operational execution and customer experience 
  • Build greater brand equity and expand your brand value 
  • Improve revenue while reducing costs

About the Founders

Co-Founder and CSO
Joel Onyshuk

Having been deeply involved in over one hundred successful digital transformation and culture change initiatives, Joel is relentlessly driven to help frontline organizations unlock the latent potential of fully engaged and empowered frontline workers.

Joel recognized that transforming highly distributed frontline workers into high-performance, organized teams required was consistently a challenge for the Service Industry. In order to operationalize their corporate mission and objectives, companies needed game-changing digital technology, but that wasn’t enough. They also needed support to make the change.


Most companies in the Service Industry have never successfully deployed enterprise-level digital transformation and run the risk of trying to embed tech without having a world-class change management strategy to be effective and sustain the change. Thus, when Joel met Andrew, Unisyn was inevitably formed, combining their mutually-aligned purpose and skill-sets.

Co-Founder and CEO
Andrew Main

Having spent over 30 years in the Service Industry, culminating in an 8-year run as CEO of Aramark’s UK business unit with 12,500+ employees, it’s safe to say that Andrew understands the Service Industry challenges at the deepest level. His breadth of leadership extended to serving those in education, healthcare, defense, offshore, and several other sectors.

After leaving his lengthy career at Aramark, Andrew turned entrepreneur and investor, seeking to further dedicate himself to positively impacting the industry and people he had come to love while further developing his already powerful legacy as a leader and visionary.

Although known by those who know him best as “the nicest and most genuine guy you’ll ever meet”, Andrew is simultaneously laser focused and immovable in his passion for leading impactful change initiatives and deeply understands the need to connect frontline workers to company purpose and vision. When Andrew met Joel, it was quickly evident that their collective passion for people and their belief in what’s possible when everyone works together with a “one-team” mentality would pave the way to forming Unisyn.

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