Coffee and Culture – Week 1

Coffee and Culture – Week 1


Welcome to Coffee and Culture where I have 60 seconds or less, to explain to you one thing that you can try this week to improve your frontline team culture.

It’s important now more than ever that your associates understand, fully embrace, and support the mission & objectives of your business. Millennials and Gen-Z employees are taking over the work force, and they are highly loyal to brands and companies whose mission, purpose, objectives are things that they can stand behind, things they support. (Think Apple, Ben & Jerry’s, Ritz-Carlton)

When’s the last time you or your frontline managers reminded your associates why you exist? This week use one of your daily team huddles to remind, reinforce, and really inspire your associates with your purpose, your mission, and connect it to their hearts and their minds.

Next week, we will talk about your employees’ purpose and how connecting your company purpose to your employees’ purpose is really going to provide an opportunity to supercharge your company culture.

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