How It Works

The Unisyn Formula for Success

Unisyn’s secret lies in our approach to addressing the ‘5 C’s of developing a healthy work culture.’

Unisyn provides 5 modules of capability that together form an incredible depth of frontline employee digital enablement and  empowerment.


While most customers select which capabilities to leverage first based on the business challenges they face, Unisyn provides a transformational, easy-to-deploy digital roadmap of a holistic, unified solution of digital capabilities and a robust daily management system to provide an extremely powerful communication and engagement ecosystem for your whole company. 


This holistic offering is the key to our success as we consolidate communication channels and streamline their effectiveness in a frontline-focused solution that will only grow in its value as you leverage more and more of the Unisyn capability.


  • Chats, audio and video calls
  • Invert the pyramid and elevate the frontlines
  • Totally accessible, supported on mobile and desktop
  • Communicate with clarity and consistency
  • Unify and connect with app and chat translation


  • Daily, weekly, monthly communication consistency
  • Standardize daily meetings, reducing the variation at the frontline supervisor level
  • Schedule comms blasts via banner announcements
  • Provide central HQ Broadcasts (e.g., videos, messages).
  • Push HR messages to the pockets of all employees 


  • Centralized meeting agendas and content to ensure consistency of messaging
  • Leadership conversation prompts to cultivate authentic connection with employees
  • Unisyn+ surveys and Pulse surveys immediately delivered to the pockets of all employees 
  • Digital Libary for digitized SOPs, job aids, training docs, company announcements etc.
  • Single-Sign-On Portal consolidating disparate systems, reducing employee frustration


  • Drive daily, weekly, and monthly celebration of employee performances at scale
  • Recognize employees delivering specific outcomes that drive company performance
  • Deploy clear “What’s in it for me?” rewards to the frontline to drive adoption
  • Create clear dashboard reporting visibility to source all your great stories of performance 
  • Enable your frontline employees to feel noticed, appreciated, and celebrated by executives


  • Social media profiles within application with a familiar and easy user experience
  • Subscribe to personal interest groups to find others just like you within the company
  • Promote company-based groups (e.g., shifts that need filling, regional teams, departments)
  • Subscribe to internal Social Newsfeeds that interest you
  • Drive authentic and personal relationships and connections that unlock immense value

Discover how our formula for success can work for your business today.